Luxe Satin Silk Snood in Black with STONES (MAXI)


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The buttery-soft snood from Fleur Malaysia

Each snood is made from 100% silk with a choice of satin silk (satin weave) or crepe silk (plain weave with crepe-twist filling). For that extra omph, this piece of snood is embellished with hand sewn diamond stones.

Please note that length of snood is the same as snood in RED

Why you NEED a snood from Fluer?

  • Made from breathable, luxurious silk that's perfect for Eid
  • Option to add stones
  • Comes with a custom-made box that's perfect as a gift (limited)
  • Free inner ninja included (limited pieces) 
  • Versatile with the perfect length, provides medium to high coverage depending on how you style it.
  • A semi-instant shawl, twist to form the number eight and wear it over – that’s it! Pin one or on both sides – choice is yours.

Be in love with this snood - once you try this, you wouldn't want anything else!

Dry-clean preferred. Alternatively, you can gently hand wash with baby shampoo.

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