EID 2016 : Al-Ameer Thobe AA21590-1

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Lawung sister brand Al-Ameer by Tony Murad introduces the New AA21590-1 , an elegant, quality thobe ideal for wearing during a meeting or wedding.

Founded in 2009 by Tony Murad, London based Al - Ameer by Tony Murad offers a complete collection of contemporary, wearable clothing, updated with progressive styling and details. Born and raised in London UK, Tony Murad multi-cultural heritage and diverse upbringing influence his design philosophy, infusing his designs with unique perspective and balance.


This collection blurs the line between fashion forward and traditional and never strays far from classic inspiration and the timeless simplicity of the basics. The collection aesthetic is clean, youthful and sophisticated with a unique perspective that balances the past, present and future.


The Tony Murad design philosophy resonates throughout each collection - never too much of any one thing; never too flashy, never too boring, never too trendy, yet never too traditional, Tony Murad balances the line between too much and too little. In a world of black and white extremes, it's good to know there is still shades of colour...


  • Self: 100% Cotton
  • Lining: 100% poly
  • Dry clean preferred
  • Buttoned sleeves
  • Back slit detail
  • Premium suit fabric


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